ALL fish must be video documented per Rules and Trip Instructions to count for Points.

ALL fish must have a Minimum 36" Curved Fork Length (“CFL”) to qualify for points.

A Team’s Top 10 Fish in EACH Species shall count towards Points.

(Species: Tuna, Marlin, Mahi, Wahoo & Sword)

Tuna*, Mahi, Wahoo & Sword (Top 10 EACH):

36” CFL and Greater =   50 Points

48” CFL and Greater = 100 Points

60” CFL and Greater = 200 Points

72” CFL and Greater = 400 Points

Marlin** (Top 10 Combined):

White Marlin = 125 Points

Blue Marlin = 400 Points

* “Tuna” shall consist of any combination of Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye & Albacore.

** “Marlin” shall consist of any combination of White Marlin and Blue Marlin. If video clearly shows a Marlin but the exact species cannot be identified, it shall be scored as a White Marlin.  Spearfish & Sailfish shall be scored as a White Marlin. It is NOT necessary to measure Marlin, but shall be clearly larger than 36” on video.