2017 Northeast Offshore Cup

Fish from your Own Port, on your Own Time, & Always in Good Weather! All catch data and video is submitted via the Offshore Cup Custom Mobile APP & Website.

Registration Fee

  • Teams may register at any time
  • Prior to June 1st = $1,500
  • After June 1st = $1,750


  • Online Captain's Meeting: July 12th
  • Fishing Days: July 15 - September 15th
  • Awards: September 16th


North of 39°15N (Hudson Canyon) & West of 68°00W (Oceanographer Canyon) and out to 1000 Fathoms.

Cash Prizes

Cash Prizes are based on 50 Registered Boats. If less than 50 Boats, the Prizes shall be adjusted to the amount of actual Registered Boats.

  • 1st Place Total Points = $10,000 & Cup Champion!*
  • 2nd Place Total Points = $5,000
  • 3rd Place Total Points = $2,500

Additional Skill Levels

Awards are based on the total money entered in each Skill Level, less a 5% processing fee. Payouts: 1st Place = 75%, 2nd Place = 25%

  • Added Entry Level scoring is determined by Total Points in the 80hr Trip Allowance
  • Added Entry Level prizes are based upon the amount of entries in each Level
  • (Payouts: 1st Place = 75%, 2nd Place = 25%)
  • $500/$1000 - Total Points
  • $500/$1000 - Tuna Points
  • $500/$1000 - Marlin Points
  • $500 - Mahi Points
  • $500 - Wahoo Points
  • $500 - Sword Points
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*Cup Champion receives an invitation to the 2018 Offshore World Championship in Costa Rica!!

Scoring & Points

Teams may fish 20hr Day-Trips (dock-to-dock) and/or 40hr Overnight-Trips (dock-to-dock), in which Points are obtained by catching different species. Teams may fish any combination of 20hr Day-Trips and 40hr Overnight-Trips that total up to 80hrs (“80hr Trip Allowance"). Teams are not required to fish all 80hrs.

All fish must have a Minimum 36" Curved Fork Length (“CFL”) to qualify for points Maximum Catch Limits per Trip for ALL species shall be:

  • 20hr Day-Trip = 3 Fish/Species
  • 40hr Overnight-Trip = 6 Fish/Species

Yellowfin, Bluefin, Big Eye, Albacore, Wahoo, Mahi & Swordfish*:

  • CFL 36” and greater = 50 pts
  • CFL 48” and greater = 100 pts
  • White Marlin** = 150 pts
  • CFL 60” and greater = 200 pts
  • CFL 72” and greater = 300 pts
  • Blue Marlin** = 400 pts

*If an exact length measurement is NOT conclusive on video, but the fish is shown to be clearly over a specific point level, then the fish shall be recorded and scored as the lowest verifiable point level on video.

**Spearfish and Sailfish shall be scored as a White Marlin. If video documentation clearly shows a Billfish species, but the exact species cannot be clearly identified, it shall be scored as a White Marlin.

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